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Progressive cavity pump direct-drive motor

¡ñ Leave out belts and gearbox. Motor directly drives progressive cavity pumps
¡ñ Stepless speed and Intelligent modulating, meeting the need of oil wells¡¯ changing speed
¡ñ High torque at low speed, according with the load characteristic of progressive cavity pumps. Do not need power reserve equipments
¡ñ Soft startup, soft stop, reverse braking, intermittent work, leaving out braking system.
¡ñ High efficiency and energy saving. The efficiency of the system is increased by 30% to 60%. The motor cost can be taken back in one year by         saving energy.
¡ñ Multiple protections, multiple display, intelligent management
¡ñ Reduce labor intensity, extend oil well life, optimize the oil production environment, a large input-output rate
¡ñ Compared with Variable-frequency motor + Variable-frequency Drive: ¡ïsimplified structure ¡ïhigh torque at low speed ¡ïlarge speed range
¡ïhigh efficiency    ¡ïreverse breaking       ¡ïsaving cost

Specifications of direct-drive progressive cavity pump motor:

Special application: slant well¡¢horizontal well, work platform on the sea, lean oil wells¡¢heavy oil wells
Introduction of direct-drive progressive cavity pump motor:
The direct-drive progressive cavity pump motor system consists of a motor and a controller. The speed range is 0~300RPM adjustable. The power range is 5.5-75KW. The motor runs at low speed with high torque, leaving out decelerating belts and gearbox. It can directly drive the progressive cavity pumps. It is a new type of progressive cavity pump direct-drive motor with soft startup and soft stop. The motor frame size is from 225 to 315. Fixed up vertically, hollow shaft structures, the motor can bear big axial direction force. The up shaft connects with the shaft of the progressive cavity pump. The controller can be hung on the motor or put beside the motor. The system service life is 8 years
1.The motor can output the torque to the progressive cavity pump directly, leaving out complex decelerate and belt gearing system, do not need reverse braking equipments, reducing the cubage, without the bother of oil-leaking problem of the gearbox.
2.Stepless speed and intelligent modulating, the oil production of the progressive cavity pump matches the supply of the oil well, preventing over-pumping and insufficient-pumping, extending the service life, enlarging the production. Leave out the labor of replacing the belts and configuring the parameter. Reduce the labor intensity. Improve usage rate of the equipment.
3.Soft startup, soft stop, reverse brake, interval work, variable-speed work, good for reducing the abrasion and vibration of the pump, preventing reverse rotating and drop, reducing oil leak , extending service life of the progressive cavity pump.
4.The system is high-efficient and energy-saving throughout the whole speed range, improving the efficiency by 30%~60% and reducing the cost. When selecting this kind of system, you can choose half as the power of the Y type motors. The power factor of the motor is nearly 1, improving the power factor of the network, leaving our compensators, saving transmission cost.
5.The controller has protections of overload, over-voltage, over-current, short current, open phase, high temperature, low insulation. The parameter can be displayed so that the operator could know about the working situation. Remote monitor and intelligent management.
6.Small cubage, light, compact structure, small footprints, suitable for platform on the sea.
7.The system has widely applications. The fluctuating voltage of network won¡¯t affect the system operation. The parameters can be changed easily to adapt to foreign voltages.
8.Compared with the variable-frequency drive + Y type motors, the direct-drive motor removes lots of disadvantages such as small torque at low speed, small speed range, poor overload, with gearbox and belts, progressive cavity pump having side force, low efficiency. After the direct-drive motor being used, maintenance work is reduced, labor intensity is small, the performance is improved, the product is becoming more competitive.
Motor characteristics :
1 Torque characteristics:

2 Power characteristics:

3 Current characteristics:

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