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í˝Formsú║motor drive + permanent-magnet variable speed motor + permanent-magnet generator , you can use a Brushless DC motor or a permanent magnet synchronous motor as the variable speed motor.
í˝Applications: wind turbine generation simulation, the water power generation simulation, frequency converters, DC-AC converter, university lab equipment.
í˝Motors have multiple poles, stable operation; you can use DC power (battery) or AC power.
í˝Generators can have multiple poles. High-frequency voltage can be gained even at a very low speed . Generators can be made six-phase output, for a particular purpose.
í˝The structure is compact, no carbon brushes, no excitation winding, no spark.
í˝The system can be equipped with encoder, brake, thermistor, and even controlling box, Rectifier , load box.
í˝The rotor intensity is high, the motor can reach higher speed.
í˝Running efficiently throughout the entire speed range, saving energy.
í˝Small size, light weight, high energy density, fitness for a particular occasion.
í˝Air cooling or water cooling, low temperature. Use high speed oil-containing bearings, maintenance free, higher reliability and longer life .
í˝The whole system is fixed to the public chassis, easy to install, much stability, elegant in appearance.


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