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Low Speed High Torque Motor




Main specifications
Rated power (kW) 35kW
Rated speed (rpm) 300rpm
Rated torque (Nm): 1114Nm
Rated voltage (V): 400VAC
Rated current (A): 144A
Pairs of poles 12
Phase 3-phase
Insulation Class: H
Protection Class IP54
Efficiency£¨©ƒ%£© 95%
Power factor 1
Cooling Forced air cooling
Mechanical specifications
Installation Horizontal
Frame size Y250
Weight (Kg) 420kg
Shaft material Steel
Bearings Steel
Housing material Casting Iron
Winding material Copper
Winding temperature level 180¡æ
Magnet NdFeB
Magnet temperature level 150¡æ
Core High quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet

¡ñLow speed and high torque£¬leaving out reduction box£¬driving the load directly, simplified structure, improving the system corresponding speed.
¡ñHigh-efficient and saving energy, saving 30% ~ 60%  power than the existing drive mode.
¡ñGood torque performance, low-speed high-torque, low speed small vibration, start current and operating current is small, great over-load capacity.
¡ñThe motor uses embedded magnet steel, could afford large pull force, well anti-vibration ability, convenient maintenance.
¡ñMultiple running model, it can work continuously, at intervals, variable speed, reverse running, targeted positioning, fast braking, soft starter, soft stop and many other modes.
¡ñMultiple poles, usually 12-64 poles for users requirements, which make the motor run smoothly.
¡ñThe motor speed can be designed for special requirements, with low speed, high torque and low input power.
¡ñMultiple protect function¡¢Multiple display function¡¢Multiple communicate function.
¡ñMultiple sort of styles for your choices£¬as horizontal, vertical, double-shaft, spline shaft.
¡ñThe driver can be mounted inside a box. The box can provide the driver. It can adapt to different environments. The box contains circuit breaker, instruments, indicators, buttons, terminals, etc.
¡ñMotors with lower speed, higher torque, other voltage class can be customized according to users requrements.
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