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150rpm200kW Hydro Generator



Main specifications
Rated power (kW) 200kW
Rated speed (rpm) 150rpm
Rated torque (Nm): 13333Nm
Rated voltage (V): 400VAC
Rated current (A): 289A
Startup torque (Nm) <266Nm
Pairs of poles 20
Frequency (Hz) 50Hz
Phase 3-phase
Insulation Class: H
Protection Class IP54
Efficiency£¨©ƒ%£© 96%
Power factor 1
Cooling Water cooling
Mechanical specifications
Installation Horizontal
Frame size Y450
Weight (Kg) 1900kg
Shaft material Steel
Bearings Steel
Housing material Steel
Winding material Copper
Winding temperature level 180¡æ
Magnet NdFeB
Magnet temperature level 150¡æ
Core High quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet

¡ñLow speed permanent magnet direct-drive water power PM generator. Break the limits that excitation generators can only work at high speed and at constant speed. The PMG can work at low speed, variable speed situation, very suitable for low water head generation or river power generation, seasonal water power generation.
¡ñThe PMG has many poles. Do not need the gearbox. The PMG can output 50Hz at low speed. The PMG can be tied to the grid directly or via an on-grid inverter.
¡ñThe power plant power can be designed according to the wet season water amount. Then the power plant can use all the water flow in the wet season. The power plant will get more power in the wet season, and get small power in the dry season. The total generation amount can be improved by 100%.
¡ñHigh efficient permanent magnet rotors. No brushes, no sparks. No excitation, no excitation windings. High strength rotor, simplified structure, high reliability.
¡ñThe PMG are high efficient throughout the whole speed range, saving energy. The efficiency is improved 20%, compared with the excitation generator.
¡ñProtection class: IP54£¬avoid water, mud, dusty getting into the motor, long life, especially suitable for outdoor requirements.
¡ñThe PMG can be wind cooled or water cooled. The bearings are imported oil-contained bearings, maintenance free, high reliability, long lifes.
¡ñYou can change the motor voltage, speed, Power and other parameters, the out size of the motor can be also changed. You can use splined shaft, dual shaft, flange and other output styles.
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