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How to dc permanent magnet motor speed regulation,...

 Permanent magnet motor speed governing how to do is we always discuss a problem, today we will follow Tai’an City sunshine motor co., LTD., a look at the following a few simple and easy way!
Permanent magnet motor speed adjustment way:
1, dc permanent magnet motor speed regulating voltage regulator: keep excitation, keep constant resistance, change the voltage, speed drops, mechanical characteristic curve of parallel move down.
2, series resistance speed control of permanent magnet dc motor armature loop: keep excitation voltage constant, increase the resistance, speed fell, the soft mechanical characteristic curve.
3, weak magnetic speed: permanent magnet motor is not easy to adjust magnetic, permanent magnet is generally not used.
Above is Tai’an City sunshine motor co., LTD., to provide you with several small to do speed control of permanent magnet dc motor, more about the knowledge of the motor, please contact the company staff, we will be more detailed explain for you!

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