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High efficiency and energy saving motor industry e...
At present, the motor installed capacity has reached more than 400 million kW, 1.2 trillion kWh, electricity consumption accounted for 60% of the total power consumption, accounting for 80% of the industrial electricity consumption, including fan, water pump, compressor installed gross capacity has more than 200 million kW, 800 billion kWh, electricity consumption accounts for about 40% of the national total power consumption, so the energy requirements, on the motor is also the most can reflect the local energy saving effect. Using new motor design, new technology and new materials, through reduce the wastage of the electromagnetic energy, heat energy, mechanical energy to improve the efficiency of output, high efficiency and energy saving motor is higher than traditional motor efficiency about 3% - 3%, has reached grade 2 energy efficiency index accounted for less than 10% of the motor, so its broad development space.
For motor product upgrading in 2015, 50% of the low-voltage three-phase cage asynchronous motor products, 40% of the high voltage motor products to achieve efficient motor energy efficiency standards; Promote efficient motor is 170 million kw, eliminated in inefficient motor 160 million kw, and the implementation of motor system energy saving 100 million kilowatts, implement efficient remanufacturing 20 million kw. Is expected in 2015 when the implementation power saving 80 billion degrees, which is equivalent to 26 million tons of standard coal, energy conservation and emissions reduction of 68 million tons of carbon dioxide.
As the power electronic technology, computer technology, microelectronics technology and the development of control theory and application of small and medium-sized motor applications is becoming more and more widely. In order to realize the operation of the high quality, high efficiency and low cost, small and medium-sized motor under different conditions with the computer, motor controller, power converter, the sensor is connected to many aspects, such as, also tend to be level with the actuators and load together.
In this way, the motor is not a level components of actuators, but a can realize reservation function complete mechanical and electrical integration of the system. Motor manufacturing enterprises in China have begun to focus on motor control technology, but in order to realize parameter optimization matching motor system and its control integration, and mature products, still need to make hard efforts.


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