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In the face of permanent magnet motor demagnetizat...

 Before demagnetization prevention on permanent magnet motor has a rough introduction, but no further introduction, today have found this kind of situation, so how should if I want to talk to prevent permanent magnet motor demagnetization?
For the permanent magnet motor demagnetization small make up the bad effects of not repeat it, or get into the business, the preventive measures for it. We can actually do have a lot of, such as the first to choose the appropriate power permanent magnet motor, in the normal setting aside a certain margin, which can avoid overload caused by temperature is too high, so as to prevent or delay the demagnetization. At the same time, also to avoid permanent magnet motor overload starting and frequent starting.
If can slightly improve the design of permanent magnet motor, also have prevent demagnetization effect, mainly aiming at the thickness of the permanent magnet in device, structure arrangement and the ventilation inside the rotor loop changes, it will be beneficial to the stable operation of the motor. Also, if the permanent magnetic material before applying for aging treatment, can also eliminate the possibility of demagnetization in advance.

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