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Electric sliding table can through a combination o...
Electric sliding table by motor drive drives the workpiece automatic linear motion process. At the same time can be achieved by a combination of axial direction, composition of equipment on the movement of the actuator, the agency is often referred to as: industrial robots, XYZ axis manipulator, coordinate slider, etc.
Electric sliding table is widely applied to the automation industry linear driving mechanism. Widely used in machine tools, automation equipment, robotics. It generally consists of stepper motor or servo motor drive, through the precise ball screw or synchronous cog belt, the combination of linear slide rail transmission to realize linear movement of the slider. Industrial application in the electric sliding table not only need good rigidity and repeat precision, the durable performance, energy saving features, load capacity are emphatically pay attention to in the design and application of parameter.
Do reciprocating motion on the sliding table after installing workpiece, can in the above installed power after class related accessories, through the movement of the sliding table, to various workpiece cutting, drilling, boring sport.


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