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High efficiency and energy saving motor heat cause...
Motor heating is high efficiency and energy saving in use process will encounter one of the problems, especially in hot summer. What reason can lead to high efficiency and energy saving motor fever?
1, room temperature is too high: room temperature is high, the heat coming from the machine itself will make the higher temperature, the vicious circle, it could cause bad heat dissipation.
2, overload: overload is a large amount of load, as overloading in the same way, the overload will affect the efficiency, nor safe.
3, over-voltage under-voltage or imbalance: voltage instability, can not alone should have the power, the efficiency is not high.
4, frequent start-stop or frequent positive &negative: this is easy to burn out the line.
5, the outlet fan is bad or into the wall: fan is undoubtedly affect the heat, like computer CPU fan.
In addition, the motor be affected with damp be affected with damp, can cause electric heating wire and poor quality factors. In order to ensure the motor using the extension of time, you also should pay attention to your home environment of the motor!


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