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The daily maintenance of high voltage motor guidan...
With the rise of China's economy, the manufacturing industry in the national economy can not ignore an important industry, a lot of products in the industry production is to be done by machinery, and you should also know that in the process of mechanical operation only cannot lack is high voltage motor, it is industrial revolution brought mankind's greatest achievements, but now in the process of industrial production of motor daily nursing is a few people know.
As a professional electrical company, Tai’an City sunshine motor co., LTD. In the same can be said to be the leading trend in the industry, because in the usual work, we pay more attention to the storage of skilled workers, a lot of technology has become the important reason for consumers to choose xi 'an motor repair shop. Professional technical staff for the majority of users to provide professional motor nurse daily:
First is the margin of safety testing, in the process of the use of the motor, as a result of using electric motor running CLP must be, this is also a safe hidden trouble, if in the process of operation of the motor without the guarantee of safety, so the company's production, there is no secure what benefits, so it is necessary to do edge detection and inspection.
Second is to check the stability of the fixed screw, this is in the process of the use of the motor can not ignore, because if do not have a stable work environment, so in the process of production produce safety accidents are more easily, so when is the use of high pressure motor to keep an eye on stability of motor on the topic of each work staff have to take care of that.
Finally is the check in motor carbon brush of attention topic, timely change found in a timely manner, can prolong the service life of the motor, and can increase the use of motor in the process of security.


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