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How to prevent the high voltage motor be affected ...
Summer air humidity is high, the high voltage motor is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, be affected with damp be affected with damp for electrical appliances like very big, today we take a look at what method may be used for drying of motor!
(1) using heat fan, electric furnace, such as light bulbs on static electric motor for drying air temperature (70 ℃) or less, or use the welding machine drying machine (for low voltage motor more effective);
(2) using iron loss heating or copper loss heating method, the former is on the motor stator coil core or wound excitation coil and rotor shaft ventilation with alternating current, the stator or rotor flux, rely on the iron losses to dry motor stator or rotor; Which is also called the current heating dry method, is to block the motor rotor, stator current with less than 8% motor rated voltage through the stator winding and dry.
Simple and rapid method is the current heating drying method, namely to the motor current of stator through a certain value (current) drying, let its spiral magnetic field generated in the stator winding, make the rotor of the stationary cutting the rotating magnetic field, eddy current in the rotor core, the eddy current through the magnetic reluctance fever in the core, so that the motor temperature, displacement, drying, thus improve its insulation value.


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