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In the use of high voltage motor in the explosion-...
Cleaning brush motor. Keep clear of in time the dust and sludge of high voltage motor stand outside. If use environmental dust is more, the best cleaning once a day. Check and clean motor terminal. Check the terminal block wiring screws are loose, burns. Drying method can use hot air blowing, incandescent lamp, infrared, steam pipe, low voltage ac heating, etc. With a low voltage ac dry, current value shall not be more than 0.6 times the rated current, and the rotor brake motor to reliably. Should be paid attention to, no matter how is dry make winding temperature rise gradually, shall not exceed the maximum temperature of the winding insulation class allows. High voltage motor can be used to drive various machinery. Such as compressor, water pump, crusher, cutting machine, transportation machinery and other equipment, for mining, mechanical industry, petroleum chemical industry, generators and other industries for prime mover. In order to guarantee the normal work of the high voltage motor, in addition to according to the procedures in the process of normal use, operation attention to monitor and maintain normal, also should be checked regularly, to do a good job of motor maintenance. Regular inspection can eliminate some trouble in time, prevent failure, guarantee the machine running safely and reliably. Regular maintenance intervals according to the form of motor considering using the environment decision. At last turn the rotor rotating flexible, do you have any sweep chamber loose. Screw bearings with and without noise, installation is firm, then pretend to upper leaves, wind shield. Use measuring winding insulation resistance by megger, commissioning, power supply is connected with clip-on table measure three phase current balance.


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