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The cleanness of explosion-proof motor winding met...

 Use explosion-proof electric motor after a long time will become dirty, dirty environment for a long time, will also affect the service life of the motor, today let's look at the cleanness of explosion-proof motor winding method:
1. Dry brush: when you need to clean the surface of the are easily accessible and just get rid of dry dust, no flannelette with a clean piece of dry clean can get satisfactory results. Can't use waste cloth, since hairs stick increase dust concentration on the surface of the insulation. Nap for high voltage motor insulation, particularly because of the possibility of corona discharge.
2. Brush brush and suction cleaning: use short, hard brush brush brush to clean dry dust (can't use metal brush). Clean with a vacuum suction. This is a best cleaning method, because doesn't make the dust distribute and deposit to the other devices.
3. Blowing: to spray drying air blows away the dust, only use hand almost impossible to close gaps and motor cannot is wet, the direction of the air blowing dust should not make bai deep inside into the motor, so as to avoid difficult to remove and may block the ventilation.
The above content are according to the students the problems in the practical work of finishing, for your reference, if there is any question, please timely communication, correct.

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