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High efficiency motor products market rise space i...

Figures show that China's industrial production of energy waste is serious, the motor power consumption accounts for 64% of the total electricity consumption in our country, based on the analysis of domestic motor application, most still is given priority to with ordinary motor, represented by efficient motor energy saving products market space is huge.

Efficient motor is refers to the general standard motor has high efficiency. Efficient motor using new motor design, new technology and new materials, by reducing the wastage of the electromagnetic energy, heat energy and mechanical energy, improve the output efficiency. Compared with the standard motor, motor using efficient energy-saving effect is very obvious, normally efficiency can be increased by 4% on average.

Statistics show that's about 1.7 billion kilowatts, annual power consumption of about 3 trillion KWH, motor power consumption accounted for 64% of China's total power consumption, industrial electricity 75% efficient motor in domestic existing stock motor proportion less than 5%, the production of high efficiency motors are mainly sold to foreign countries. At the same time, the application of highly efficient motor in China at present is only 23% ~ 23%.

Although our country in 2008 will be included in motor system energy saving country one of the ten major energy conservation projects, 2009 also include high efficiency, super efficient motor application in huimin engineering, June 2, 2010, according to the notice will be highly efficient motor in energy-saving products huimin project scope, make efficient motor marketing focus.

Embarrassing situation is that the high efficient motor has promotion on the market for many years, high efficiency motor has not fully integrated into the market, at present efficient motor proportion is still relatively low. "Efficient motor research and development in our country basic keep pace with the international level, the technical progress in recent years, very optimistic, especially on the motor efficiency and abroad there is no difference. But it is a pity that our country produce IE3 motors domestic application of too little, most for export." Domestic well-known motor expert member of ren-yuan tang said. Statistics from the ministry of industry and information technology, according to the current domestic with motor in efficient accounted for only about 5%.

To solve the problem of efficient motor in domestic promotion difficult, China's government departments to the New Deal is constantly, in order to promote the development of industry.


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