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Small wind turbines conditions of use, you need to...
Small wind turbines should be generally used in wind resource rich region. The annual average wind speed in more than 3 m/s, 3-20 m/s wind speed all year accumulative total hours more than 3000 h; Year 3-20 m/s above average effective wind energy density lOOW / ㎡. When choosing to use wind turbines to accomplish know fairly well, avoid blindness, so as to make full use of local wind resources, maximize the efficiency of wind turbines, to achieve higher economic benefits.
It should be noted that the wind resource rich region, to choose the best fan rated wind speed and local optimal design wind speed of wind turbine. If you can do this either from the choice of wind turbine, or utilization of wind resources has important implications on economic significance. Wind tunnel tests indicate that the wind turbines convert the direct ratio with wind speed of power, that is to say, the wind speed of power.
If choose of wind turbine rated design wind speed is higher, so the rated power output of the effect is more to be desired. But it must be pointed out that wind turbine rated design wind speed is low, the rotor diameter, motor relative to increase, the cost of the whole machine is increased accordingly.


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