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The importance of the wind turbine maintenance
Wind turbine must be placed outdoor, operating condition is very bad. In order to improve the reliability of wind turbine, prolong the service life and maintenance is very important. Foreign experienced expert in exchange experience in wind power, wind power generators on maintenance, not repair. Wind generating set life long myopic how well maintenance. Wind turbine maintenance work is not complicated,
Operation maintenance personnel must have the basic knowledge of wind power generation technology, and in all the work high above the cold and heat. At the same time, the equipment maintenance personnel must be personally on the analysis of the significant failure judgment and on-site processing ability, and can quickly on-site for minor repairs. In equipment maintenance personnel to participate in the installation process should be familiar with the structure of the wind turbine, and participate in the training of operation maintenance training. The following a few maintenance measures for reference:
(1) according to the manufacturer to provide the drawings and specifications, prepare detailed wind power operation and maintenance procedures, for relevant personnel to study, and carefully executed.
(2) study the basic principle of wind power generation, to understand the performance of the wind turbine, mastering and downtime.
(3) on a regular basis to carry out ideological education, cultivate the staff sense of responsibility and the dedication to work.
(4) carefully for generator accident record, and analyze the reason, the accumulation of experience.
Careful attention to the above points need to you, if you are ok to know more about the knowledge of the wind turbine, please pay attention to the company's web site, we will update on a regular basis!


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