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Suction phenomenon of the motor of electric vehicl...
Everyone in the use of electric cars motor may appear the phenomenon of extraction, this phenomenon is not much of a problem, however, we should promptly solve, specific method will have a look at the following article.
1, used for high production of electric cars motor can't straight row of the atmosphere, such as direct platoon atmosphere will constitute the intake and exhaust pressure difference is too big, so that the high slip motor overload.
2, the electric car motor pump before use it necessary to have, in the former stage pump suction pressure in systems to a certain range, so can avoid the phenomenon of overload.
3, due to the electric car motor rotor continuous flip turn, sucked the gas from the air inlet suction within the space between the rotor and the pump shell, then through vent discharge. So, when the edge at the top of the rotor turning vent, space and exhaust side are interlinked, because of the exhaust gas pressure is higher, there are part of the gas back rushed into the room, make the gas pressure increased abruptly. When the rotor continues to turn, the gas discharge.
If it is found that using the extraction of the phenomenon, the electric car motor hurriedly to solve it for you, little problem we solved in time, can prevent major accidents, hope today's content will be helpful to you.


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