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Motor due to the impact of voltage in how to overc...
In the process of motor running, if there is one voltage floating is bigger, will produce a series of negative effects, so in order to reduce or inhibit the occurrence of this phenomenon, can be set up on both ends of motor reactor or filter. So the key is how to choose the equipment of each parameter, see together.
If only one end of the string in the motor connected to reactor, although also can reduce the peak amplitude of overvoltage on the motor, but easy to damage by the resonance of its internal various parts. So, the best way is also deciding the filter at the other end. But this way is not applicable, all cases must be comprehensive consideration.
In practice, all kinds of devices may is not the same factory production, every parameter has certain uncertainty, it increases the difficulty of the selection filter parameters. Visible, the simplest is a parallel and close to the wave impedance of the resistance of the motor, after to take into account the size and cost.


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