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The electric car motor commutation
We can see some of the electric car motor on its rotor contains a lot of copper combination of conductive ring, this through a pair of brush connected with external power, we call it the commutator, how much do you know about this knowledge?
1, for the electric car motor, reversing current equal before and after, in the opposite direction.
2, electric car motor commutator, is to make the induced current in the armature winding into alternating current (ac), through the role of the mechanical point of brush and commutator, make into the external circuit current for dc current.
3, the electric car motor commutation can improve the working conditions of riser, reducing the spark.
4, the electric car motor front drive circuit are independent of each other, and by an independent power supply, therefore, at the time of the reversing, our electric car electric opportunity to make the control signal, respectively, and their respective front drive circuit electrical insulation.
5, the electric car motor surface should be smooth, but should have a dark brown layer of cuprous oxide layer, the protective layer can increase the contact resistance between brush and commutator segment, reduce the short-circuit current under the brush, protect the commutator is wear.
Knowledge is the important content, the electric car motor commutator is converts dc alternating electric potential of armature winding element between brush dc potential. Hope today's knowledge will be helpful to you.


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