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The development trend of permanent magnet motor, w...
The development of electrical equipment is not only a great productivity performance, is now developing one of the main indicators of people's living standard, whether mechanical production or small to household devices, the figure of motor is omnipresent, so in recent years towards what machine? Let below small make up to look at it.
First of all, is the electric car motor: to solve the problem of air pollution, both at home and abroad have attached great importance to developing practical electric cars. The motor for electric vehicle, requires both of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, and requirements in the high temperature and the operation reliability of the harsh conditions. Is one of the current development trend in the wheel tyre load outside the rotor of rare earth permanent magnet motor, and direct drive electric cars and trains.
There is a built-in inverter motor, brushless dc motor is applied more and more widely, the current trend is that the inverter into motor, make it become an organic whole, achieve the overall system miniaturization. Because of the rare earth permanent magnet motor can do small size, the rotor within and without heat source, temperature rise is not big, could load inverter, French Alsthom development 100 kw brushless dc motor, side load on the coil end inverter, the total weight is only 28 kg.
Taian sunshine motor co., LTD., main all kinds of electrical equipment, equipment for permanent magnet synchronous motor's experience of r&d and innovation and solution, welcome to my company on-the-spot investigation to choose, I believe we will bring you satisfactory technical effect.


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