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Wind turbine technology development present situation and prospects
Wind turbines generally defined as 5 mw and above for high power wind turbines. Research and development design of high power fan main meaning is that, can effectively reduce the unit cost of fan unit.
At present, the world has produced the 6 MW, 7.5 MW wind turbines, the company of a 10 MW fan design at the same time, how to choose the design parameters, technical route, the problem such as how to choose to be clear. In terms of technical route selection and generator, has been in the production of high power fan company vary, such as M5000 unit, using half a direct driving route, generator for medium voltage permanent magnet synchronous generator; The VM unit using asynchronous motor; And E - 126 USES straight displacement excitation synchronous generator with full power inverter, fan blades can be divided into two sections; The country's wind power 6 mw wind turbines using the traditional doubly-fed technology route. It can be seen even in the high power level, fan remain divided technical route and the generator.
Design features of high power fan is not only reflected in the above two aspects, is also a series of change. Appropriate chooses carbon fiber blade material, and is divided into two sections; Tower drum of concrete at the lower and upper half is steel material; Transmission chain link, you can now give the conclusion, namely direct drive is higher than the cost of gear box structure; Generator to the use of high-temperature superconducting materials; For the whole system, the mainstream direction is speed and blade and add more redundancy design.


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